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The Mastercard for You app provides you access to a world full of possibilities by giving you insight on how you can use your card to its full potential. Simply choose the type of Mastercard you have and stay up-to-date on how it can enhance your travel, lifestyle and insurance. Download the app and enjoy access to:
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Lifestyle Free MasterCard Worldwide iPhone, iPad, iPod

•Hundreds of Buy 1 Get 1 free offers across the Middle East & Africa
•Exclusive travel and online shopping deals
•Mastercard Concierge with direct dial facility
•Search functionality for the nearest airport lounge with complimentary access
•Insurance details and filing claims as well as the ability to generate a Schengen travel letter instantly


Why only the Middle East?

You have to select a country of issuance. All the countries were in the Middle East. It wouldn't let me bypass this step, so the app is useless to a person in the U.S.

It's not working

Unfortunately I tried to explore this app but it's not working !


This app is horrible. When selecting "English", it only shows you countries from Africa and Middle East, and when selecting another language, it'll show you the countries but in Arabic. A total disaster. Just don't download the app.

تصميم تعيس

تصميم تعيس وغير مفهوم


Worthless cause I'm not moving to Bumfuq Egypt


I couldn't even get into the app because it makes you select a country of issuance and it has extremely few options!

Please fix the logo!!

Why’s the logo of this app so poor resolution ? Please fix this and make it clear like the MasterCard airport experience app. Else I’ll uninstall coz it makes my phone ugly

Language messed up
Texas Expat

Hi It is not usable, seems to be stuck in Arabic (or a variation (multiple options, but they are all non-western character sets and unusable)

Doesn’t work
cRa Z nEsSa

I downloaded this app even though it was getting awful reviews. I had to see it for myself. It definitely doesn’t work for anyone living in the US. Everything was in Arabic and if you choose the option for English it only opens locations for places in the Middle East... very odd. I’m not sure why Mastercard would make such a limited app.


When you look at the pictures showing you what the app is like it’s in English. When you go into the app it’s all in Arabic..



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