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Magic Powers - What Would You Want? Lite

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Enjoy over 300+ interesting choices that will add life to any party, get together, or meeting. These type of would you rather like this magical power or this other magical power are always a hit as they have you deciding between things that you all really want or the lesser of the evils.

Just start up the app, select whether you want to compare your answers with others from around the world for additional fun or not, and pick your answers to each interesting and thought provoking scenario.

Spice up your party celebration, get together or school bus ride home with a fun trivia party game for you and your friends in that perfect spare moment.

Play now for free while it lasts!



This game is all right but it's more for like 7 year olds


It was good while it lasted. I'm glad I downloaded it.

Ellei peaper beapers

It only asked questions after a while it gets boring

MAKE IT MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make it so u really get those powers!!!!!


It's not good. Every time you enter the game it stars at the beginning! Not fair!

This is scary
Melanie etrella

Tooooooo scary

Not Very Good

Nah don't get it!

Don't waste your time.
Holy shiz it's Nemo!! O___O


You have to fix it!!

I could see potential in this app, but when u go on it's all buggy and u can't even get to the questions :( disappointing


I can see a lot of potential in this app except for the fact that there are wayyyy to many adds its like every other question there is an add! So i guess you could say its not the app itself but the adds so you should really work on that.