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3/5 rating based on 15 reviews. Read all reviews for Magic Powers - What Would You Want? Lite for iPhone.
Magic Powers - What Would You Want? Lite is free iOS app published by Adan Vielma

Too much adds


most annoying app.i could barely finish a question and theres already an add popping up!

No. Just... No.

Roark The Hellwalker

The app won't even open. Seriously?

Don't wast storage


I thought I would like it but no too many adds!!!!!



This app is no good, they sold out to a bunch of adds and you can't even play it because there's always an add completely covering the play button

Worst game ever!!!!!! Is it even a game?!


PROBLEM=ADDS I wanted to give the s game a zero, but that wasn't a choice. I got this game just because I was curious. I tried to play the game but I couldn't because there were soooooo many adds! Right after I clicked start, an add popped up. The adds wouldn't go away! There was an add right on the two buttons that I had to click! And there was nooooo way to get ride of them! I tried going in and out of the game to try and get rue of the adds but they wouldn't go! It's a total waste of time. Unless you have A LOT of patience DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!! ?