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Pizza Chef Italian Food Game

For all you pizza lovers out there, do you have what it takes to toss pizza dough like a pro? Show off your skills and the amazing things your iPhone or iPod can do with this fun game and delicious entertainment.
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Challenge your friends to a pizza tossing competition to see who's got the stuff, and who is just faking to be the best cook around. Forget tossing plates, try tossing pizzas. It's harder but a good challenge with your iphone or ipod. As always when playing with any app, hold your device firmly in your hand with a good grip and just shake lightly.



This f**k**g game makes no sense and it ia very very stupid!!!!????????

Softball kid 7337

All u do is shake ur iPod

Iffy piffy

It's so boring and dumb!!!

what is this

all you do is shake it to toss it if i could make it so the app never existed i would

Wow this is

I'd rather brush my teeth so it's horrible!!!!!!!!!! You shake and it says mean comments

R U Kidding?!:/

Stupidest thing I've ever seen!! Where's the point of the game if thats even wut u call it?!!! I would giv no stars!!


Wow this should be taken off the app store . It's a waste of life. I coulda been doing something else With my life .who ever made this game should stop making games . Your horrible

Queen cat12

This game is so stupid it's a wast of time

Stupid game
Geared Guy

This game doesn't really have a point. If you shake it upwards then you have a better chance. I just think it's programmed to come up with random things. Sometimes when you shake it it doesn't respond.


You don't even do anything but shake the I pod or I pad then it says something that's it.........can you believe this came up when I searched fun games

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