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Learn Words for Kids & Toddlers: Educational Game

We present our new fun educational game for kids 2-5 years old in which your baby learns a lot of new words and objects of everyday life.
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Main advantages and features of the game:

Learning words on 4 large topics:

1. House and apartment - a children's room, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and the territory in front of the house, including a lot of items inside every room;

2. Types of outdoor recreation and pastime in the open air - a beach holiday by the seaside, a picnic, a camping, a poolside leisure, children's playground;

3. Farming and animals - your baby will see how pigs with piglets live, as well as a horse, a cow with a calf, hens with a cockerel and chickens;
4. Types of transport communication - an airport, a bus station, a railway station, a port, a space station;

- Your baby will get to know 100+ words and objects of everyday life. So, the game broadens your child’s vocabulary and expands his or her outlook;
- Learning words in 5 languages - English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic;
- All the elements of the game are very colorful and animated! Your baby will be willing to watch it again and again, how amusingly various objects move demonstrating new words.
- Development of attention concentration skills and persistence, reinforcement of cognitive skills, training of fine motor skills, logical thinking, imagination and visualization, as well as creativity.

The game has a simple and intuitive interface so even little kids will easily understand how to play it.

Thank you for choosing our game for your baby!

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