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JusTalk Kids - Safe Messenger

JusTalk Kids is a FREE video calling and messaging app designed for kids to connect with family and close friends from their tablets or smartphones.
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• Safe Environment for Kids
- Parents or guardians can control kids’ access to all social features in the app.
- NO harassment from strangers. Kids will not receive friend requests, messages, or calls from strangers unless they add the parents-approved person first.
- No phone number is needed. Parents and guardians help their kids to create a JusTalk Kids account by setting a JusTalk ID through the bottom of the signup page.
- Your child’s JusTalk ID won’t be recommended to any other users on JusTalk or JusTalk Kids!
- There are no ads or in-app purchases and the app is free to download.

• More Fun for Kids
- Doodles, stickers, photo sharing: help kids creatively express themselves and learn new things during calls!
- Voice and video recording: save memorable childhood forever!
- Play fun and interactive game while calling with parents or close friends.
- Start a live video chat to help kids share their favorite moments with loved ones in voice calls.
- Send and receive photos, instant video messages, emoji and more on chats.

• Works with JusTalk
- Your child uses JusTalk Kids to video call and message over Wi-Fi or on-the-go (EDGE/2G/3G/4G)*.
- Parents and other family members can chat with their kids through their existing JusTalk app.

• Cross-platform
JusTalk Kids is supported to use on different operating systems and all kinds of device sizes no matter it’s a smartphone or tablet.

• Private and Secure
All your children's personal information (including calling and messaging data) is end-to-end encrypted. It's split into multiple random path which ensures it can’t be monitored or saved by servers.

*Data charges may apply. Check with your carrier for details.

We're always excited to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us via:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JusTalkKids
Instagram: @justalk_kids

The following is a more detailed description:

• Best Kid-Friendly App
JusTalk Kids is the best video chat and messenger kids and their families have been looking for!

• Free Phone Calls and Kids Chat
Make voice or lively video chats with your children wherever you are. You will never miss any important moment with your family. When you’re unable to accompany you kids, experience life events (loss of first tooth, the first school day, a birthday house party and so on) with your kids together on JusTalk Kids with no distance.

• Interactive Video Features
During video chat you can tell short stories to your kids by sharing their favorite pictures of story books. Parents and kids doodle together and add emoticons or stickers to spark conversation and laughter. Play games and compete with each other.

• Designed for Family
JusTalk Kids is designed as an easy-to-use, safe and educational tool for children where family and friends meet together. Make free calls and share free messages with family and kids.

• High Quality Wi-Fi Calling App
Enjoy crystal-clear call quality, video chat and free texting. Using JusTalk Kids to call free or send a text now to your kids.

• Capture the Moment
Quickly snap a photo or video and send to chats. It's not only for kids and their family, but also is a hangout for kids and their close friends.

• Simple Interface
A clean, intuitive design makes communicating faster and more fun.

• Low Data Usage
Save 40-90% of the voip or vowifi network traffic during realtime video chat with 720P HD quality. Like a fun video walkie talkie.


The best

It is amazing


Soo after reviewing this app in store and on internet I decided to give it a try so my daughter that I don’t get to see much can video chat with me. Everywhere I looked there was sayings of not having to use any phone number to verify. Whole reason I even decided on trying this app out. By of course as soon as I open the app and click to sign up, what’s the very first thing to pop up? “Phone Verification “!!! Sooo obviously they are clearly lying about that. If I was a parent I would check on them and make sure what else they lying about to y’all!!!

A Girly

Was so good!! All these video calls don’t work so my friend suggested that I download it!! It was sssssooo worth it!! The only reason why I gave it four stars is because the video quality isn’t the greatest but it is still really good!! Thank you so much!!! I just can get over how great this app is! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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This is the best app ever!

Nice I like this app

It’s cool

Amazing for overprotective parents
kenzie the devil

It’s an amazing app for kids who want to be able to text their friends and who want to see their friends that have moved away so I say go for it people

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I love this app because it allows me to FaceTime my best friend

I need help!
reiwers of nypd

I want to add my friend but every time he adds me nothing comes up I’m very disappointed ? if the developers don’t respond I have no choice but to delete the app!!!:(

iLove useing kids safe app

useing makes me feel safe