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JusTalk - Video Chat & Calls

Convey the real feelings to anyone you care.
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Social Networking Free Ningbo Jus Internet Technology Co., Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Make totally FREE voice and video calls, have group conference or make a random video call of Hey U to make new friends near and far.
Ready to have the top-quality video and voice call experience?

-> Make free calls
- HD video call (as clear as FaceTime)
- Top-quality voice calls
- Save your time: free group voice calls for unlimited people (Perfect fit in game talk, family conference, colleagues communication and business conversation)
- Call any phone or smart device
- Send IM when you cannot answer the phone
- Facebook account or mobile phone number registration
- Works over Wi-Fi so you avoid using data

-> What we do excellent
- Smart Night Vision: share every single moment even in the darkness
- Saving Data Usage: saves up to 40% net flow consumption compared with WhatsApp, Viber, Yeecall, Tango, Wechat and Skype
- Bluetooth devices supported
- Various ringtones choices.
- Online JusTalk Customer Service

-> What’s interesting
- Random video call Hey U: communicate with strangers—nearby or around the world
- Check-in everyday by having a call to gain JusPoints
- Special games are provided in different festival during a video call

-> Security and Privacy
Both the HD voice calls and the video calls are encrypted. No one can eavesdrop your JusTalk calls. We take great care and reasonable precaution protecting your information from misusage, loss or unauthorized access

-> Contact Us
- Any feedback or questions? Please contact us Juphoon System Software Corp (Ningbo, China)
- Address: Ningbo,China
- Email: [email protected]

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*Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection


Needs Change
Change Needed Please

To many Adds plus you’re app isn’t popular enough to even have a premium to it. Plus it’s LAGGGGGGGY


So so good


Seems pretty good and legit

Idk what to say it’s just so good!


Love it!
This app is sooo cool???

My daughter has a fire IPad and she can get this app because it doesn’t have a call or text bit on this app you can call text and do more

I Like This Facetime App
Hannah Geace Hinojosa

i Give This App 129/100 Stars

Good site

This is a good app to download if you have an iphone and your friend has an android because you can ft without the ft app. Also in the call you can play games and stuff, super great!!