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JusCall - Global Phone Calls

JusCall offers low cost local and international calls with superior crystal-clear audio. You can call mobiles and landlines around the world at great low calling rate. Now, call you loved ones without worrying about expensive bills.
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• Lower cost international calls
Our calling rates are cheaper than most other international calling apps. JusCall is great for calling India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States (US), the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Check our amazing international call rate inside the app.

• Earn FREE credits
Cool videos and funny tasks are prepared for you! Simplest just need one tap to earn FREE credits.

• Extra bonus for NEW users
Sign up successfully to get rewarded credits. Earn more by redeeming the promo code from your friend.

• High sound quality
JusCall uses real phone lines which means we can guarantee excellent call quality. Do not need to worry bad reception, choppy voice or your call dropping. Our system will always search the best telephone line (Most stable and best voice quality) at your nearby region when you make the call.

• No hidden cost
Unbeatable pay-as-you-go rates. JusCall do not need you to pay any connection fees. There is also no monthly commitment.

• No expire date
NEVER worry about your money will be expired. Prepaid amounts you purchase will remain credited to your account and will not expire as long as your account remains active.

• Bill history
We store all your bill and payment history in your phone. Therefore, you can check your bill history at any time you like. Every call payment is saved to ensure there is no hidden cost. Find any problems? Just tell us.

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The following is a more detailed description:

Simple interface
JusCall makes your life easier. No annoying push notification or advertisements. The layout is super clear and theme colour is comfortable. Unlike other international calls app, you can find international calling rates, dial pad, calling prices easily in JusCall.

Download only once
Friends don't need to download JusCall for you to call them. Some free voice calling apps need both ends to download before making the calls. But if you download JusCall, you can contact your friend immediately.


Perfect! Jus one thing

U had this game that allows u to earn credits but it doesnt work anymore,, everytime i get into the game it crashes itll take me off the app,, plz fix that cuz this is my favorite app it’s helpful

Games won’t work so I can earn calling credits

I have already reached out regarding this sites inability to fix the problem. Not everyone has a mobile phone in which to be contacted upon and being grossly underpaid the concept of this program works for me but not when it I can’t earn free credits to get in contact with my family being that I have no one within a 1500 mile radius. Again can you fix this?

Me. Stifflimbs


jose omaha

Seems like a scam. Never ever works ?


Like it

Doesn’t work

I collected over 22 minutes of calling international from USA (4956 diamonds) and by the time I actually wanted to call I only had 4 minutes of available call. Don’t rely on this on!


Difficult to earn piunt



Using the dialing pad

Using dialing pad during a phone call, when the service ask you to enter the number of extension you need JusCall fails to work, please fix the problem

Nice app

Good free calls