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All the entertainment you can handle. Music, movies, TV, and more. From new releases to hot indies and all-time favorites, the best in every genre—ready to play. Purchase with a tap on any device. 
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• Explore more than 43 million high-quality, DRM-free songs. Browse by artist, album, song, genre, specially curated categories, and more.

• Select from over 85,000 movies, and over 300,000 TV shows. Browse by title, genre, network, rating, special collections, movie bundles, and more.

• Enjoy bonus content you can’t find anywhere else.

• Search and select the perfect ringtone among thousands in Tones.

• Check out the iTunes charts to see which movies, shows, and artists people love.

• View Movies and TV in stunning HD with your compatible device. 

• Pre-order new releases and they’ll download automatically when available. 

• Tap to download, and watch anywhere, anytime—even without Wi-Fi. Plus re-download past purchases on all your devices.

• Availability and features may vary by country.


Great experience iTunes

Been downloading music from iTunes since 2010, am always satisfied with service and availability of a wide variety of music.


Dude you guys got all the song on file and ready to sale, which I love thanks

iTunes needs a major update

I can’t download any movies or tv show an error shows up


I love listening to the music I love when ever I want to!?


Why are some songs not available here? I have a list I want and can’t get…

Charity Work Help
Mystic Perez

Puppy Chulo For Love game Tu madre!!!

Not the best
copier ??

Okay so I like the way it shows almost every song but if you don’t have money on your phones account I don’t recommend this. Although the music is awesome, if your a kid and want music then just use YouTube, Spotify, or just music that is already on your iPhone. If a developer sees this, they be like: I’m so sorry you didn’t like our app, it seems like you had a bad time: JUST NO, I never said anything like that so if the developer is gonna respond, DON’T

If this App was a person it would be charged with extortion and put in jail

This app has never failed to delete a significant portion of my library between new apple devices. I started with a library of about 2350 songs, now it’s down to 1600 on my latest transfer. That’s ~750 songs purchased from iTunes that I have to hunt down and usually pay for again, with the re-download option only appearing after the purchase. Like you want to keep a complete catalogue of your music? Better pay the toll if you know what’s good for you…


Many songs purchased were gone and iTunes does not reimburse anything

Liam Roy

The best music ever??????

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