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Is-it Love ? Peter - Vampire

Is it Love? Peter - Vampire is an interactive game (choice game). A game with vampires, Witches, and werewolves.
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Like in TV sitcoms, new episodes (chapters) are regularly released. You can download this interactive love game (choice game) for free.
In each episode, you'll have a lot of choices to take in order to make it YOUR story, YOUR romance!

Having had supernatural faculties since your childhood, you decided to leave everything to go get some answers at the strange Mystery Spell University. You found a job and accommodation at the Bartholy Manor. In exchange for your services, taking care of the younger sister, Lorie, you live with them. The city's inhabitants fear them terribly, the evil shadow of their father weighs in all consciences ... Many mysteries surround the Bartholy brothers and you will quickly discover that the whole city has things to hide. Many people at Mystery Spell have strange secrets ...
However, only one inhabitant is always on your mind and arouses your curiosity, and that is Peter, the most mysterious and most melancholic of the Bartholy brothers. Will you manage to tame him without putting yourself in danger? Will he confide his darkest secrets...?

Strong points:
- Meet with Vampires and Witches.
- It's your game: Your choices influence the story.
- A 100% free Otome Game in English
- A new visual adventure.

An Otome is a visual novel type game in which you are the heroine about to live true romance (love story) with possible twists (Love, seduction, betrayal, marriage...) depending on the choices you make (choice game)

Download this vampire game, if you :
- Like love stories or stories about Vampires and Witches
- Watch romantic films
- Read Mangas with vampires or Witches
- Want to live a love Story
- Discover a new otome in English

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Is-it Love ? is free to download. It is possible to purchase bonus points. To deactivate the purchases integrated into this otome game, please go to your device settings.


Amp up the power!

Be nice if we didn’t run out of power so quickly but it’s a fun game with great characters and a fun story line!!!

It could be better

I love the concept of the game. The concept of vampires is brilliant! But it would be better if the energy would last an entire episode instead of a few lines. If you fixed that it would be a whole lot more enjoyable.

Yds ufxitfo


Is good enough
fatima jallow

This game is very good! But the only problem I have with it is that you guys don’t give enough time to play the game. You will just play like 6 minutes and they say you don’t have have enough energy. Please give us more time to play the game, if you do that I will play the game every single day because I like it so much. It teach me how to speak English and read, but the problem is you guys give short time. Hope you you guys give enough. Thank you ☺️

Love love

I love this story it’s addicting

Amazing app

I love this app and the mystery in itself


The only downside is the energy. I think it should be a little higher and if you don’t play the energy from that day should be saved and not lose it like it does. Other than that I love it.


Me pregunto por qué escriben una historia interactiva si al final de cuenta son los creadores del juego los que deciden lo que va a pasar, me gustaría tomar las propias decisiones de mi historia 😩😑😠

Go Sarah!

I know this story focuses on Peter, but I’m really, really, really rooting for Sarah. I hope the story will give the option to choose her.


Very fun!