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Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital

* Discover a whole new medical drama universe
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Games Free 1492 Studio SARL iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Like your favorite TV shows, new episodes (chapters) are released every two weeks.
* Is-it Love? Blue Swan Hospital is the new free interactive novel game of Is it Love collection.

Choose your own story in the Blue Swan Hospital. Your new interactive storytelling game.
To advance in your story, you must make critical decisions that will impact your life (Love, Work, Friends) and the lives of your patients!

The Story:
You're a first-year resident in the emergency room of one of the most prestigious hospitals on the West Coast, the Blue Swan. You know this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you can't screw it up. Being part of the Swans is any young doctor's dream come true.
As an aspiring doctor, you are prepared to deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis. Or areyou?
It's going to be tough, your nerves will be wrecked and your supervisor will not make life easy for you. But you'll meet friendly colleagues, each one with a different story and calling. And you may even find love. It's up to you to make the right choices...

Why it's great:
- A new chapter available every 2 weeks
- Your decisions influence the story
- The story is 100% in English
- You'll handle emergencies, save lives and find love!

The Staff:

Jarod Harding
ER Attending Physician
32 years old, single
Former military doctor
An man of honor

Mike Stover
First-year resident
25 years old, single

William Sheffield
Second-year resident
25 years old, single

Mai Lan Dinh
Chief Resident (medical doctor)
40 years old, divorced

Sofia Flores
25 years old, single

Camilla Cresset
Second-year resident
26 years old, single

Adrian Walker
35 years old, divorced

Richard R. Reynolds
Chief of Emergency Medicine
50 years old, married

Andrea Steinmann
52 years old, married

Ross "Bubble" Bergman
34 years old, single

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Founded only a few years ago, 1492 Studio soon became a leader in interactive storytelling games with its "Is It Love?" franchise. The first two universes, Carter Corp and Mystery Spell, boasted dozens of million downloads.

1492 Studio recently joined the Ubisoft family and is now rapidly expanding (new partners, new universes and new stories!).

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Chapters are getting so short

I love the story and I even feel it’s worth the money spent on energy; however, I have to agree that the chapters are getting much shorter. And when the heck is Jarod going to give in I mean seriously!


I agree with others about the energy depleting to quickly. I know that the developers need to make money, but there are better ways. Pixelberry has a much better approach.

Good but
Big D Yoho

I would give it a5 the story line is great but your energy to read the story depletes to quickly if you if you wanna spend money you can get energy any time. A piece of advice to the creators and admins of the app make the energy last longer and you will get 5 star reviews from a lot of users

1492 what went so wrong with Blue Swan?!!

This company has many games all of which are extremely overpriced. The company claims apple controls the prices so fine, I get it. We get 5 mins a day unless you want to shell out the money. (Hint: 20 dollars gets you a chapter) The stories of all their other games keep you hooked and are well written enough that while frustrating you look forward to playing. Blue Swan doesn’t have this. So far this games is literally just getting abused by Camilla which gets tiresome and gives you no incentive to play. I assume like the other games you will be able to choose a romance route between the nice doctor Will, the silent miracle surgeon Dr. Harding, or the creepy guy who you watches you change clothes Mike, all of which you have minimal interaction with between being berated by your boss who is interested in anything with a peen and only derived pleasure from reminding you what a piece of crap you are. Most people play games to chill out. If I wanted to deal with salty b*^%$es all day so am sure I could find some irl. Do yourself a favor pass on Blue Swan. If you want a romance game I lay Drogo, Sebastian, Matt, Ryan, literally anything else but this game. For anyone who is thinking of picking this up because it’s a hospital game, don’t. You will be disappointed. There is no medical aspect to the game outside text choices like “which direction is the OR right or left?” Or “I was told not to interfere should I listen or help?” Either choice and Camilla is there to remind you you are dirt.

No energy

No rhyme or reason for how quickly you lose energy. The story isn’t even interesting in the twenty or so sentences you get each night. Interesting premise but I’m thinking of giving up as I can’t even see how far buying a certain amount of energy would get me. Annoying!

Camilla as a love interest

I would love to have Camilla as a love interest. Someone hard to get through to, but ultimately turns sweeter

Frustrating with potential

This could potentially be a great game but I ended up deleting the app early on in the story (first shift) because it’s very frustrating to run out of energy so fast. You never have enough to make it through a whole scene and it doesn’t replenish fast enough at all! I’m all for using the mini game and watching videos to earn more but it doesn’t go very far. I had the game for about a week and never made it past the first shift because of this.

Great game - Wish the energy lasted/rebuilt up over time

It’s actually a pretty great game, and I enjoy playing it. The storyline is super addictive so only complaint is that once you run out of energy ((which happens pretty quick)) you either have to wait till the following day to continue, or spend $4-$5 and up to for more to keep playing...and that adds up quick. :(

Good story line...too pressed for you to buy energy

Story seems good but energy is way too low. I can’t get into the story good enough to even consider buying anything at all. Will likely uninstall unfortunately

Needs more “Energy”

The game itself is good. But they do not give the players enough “scene” to play. I bought the 5 dollar pack one night just to keep playing for a while and that literally lasted me about 5 minutes. After that I decided there was no way I was paying for more short of a super discounted pack. There needs to be more value for paid energy and I think there should be about twice as much “free” energy a day too. I wouldn’t mind paying for more scenes but I was shocked at how little game time the 5 dollars got me. It’s a shame because it’s a good game but it makes me want to stop playing because the limited play time almost makes it not worth opening the app.