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Is-it Love ? Peter - Vampire is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Love the game itself


The story is incredible but I wish we could read for longer periods

Peter is it love


Totally cool but I think they need more energy and more ways to get free energy or the energy refill to take less time but love it otherwise

Disappointing: Not because of the story though...


I like the idea behind the story. Peter’s story gives no time to waste before throwing you as the player into it. However, there is a HUGE problem, it is in the energy. You receive 300 energy a day(and are able to purchase more), this should be good for 30 frames, however, I have found that it is never that amount. It averages at about 22 frames. I reached out to the company, (after uninstalling the game, restarting, and doing a hard shut down on my device) only to be told that there were no problems on their end and that it was all in my system. I am sad that the developers have not fixed this as I noted it with Drogo as well. Very upset, and feeling shafted...

Love it


It’s awesome!



I absolutely love this story, I love fictional stories and fictional characters, all I have to say is it’s an incredible love story !



I love this game but wish there were more opportunities to win free tickets

Reading to long but good

Lady Misa Miakoda

Good so far need s full paid option so I don’t have to wait to read

Love game


I love how the game is mostly the part I don’t like is how you can only read a little of the story unless you buy energy I do have to admit it cost a lot and I can’t really buy it even if I wanted to

Energy? No worries!


Most people worry over the “fill energy” meter, but honestly it makes me happier to wait until tomorrow morning after a long day of sailing- reading the next scene in the story is honestly my favorite thing to do when I get home!


Movie stars

This story reminds me a lot about the movie twilight which is awesome because twilight is one of my favorite vampire movies because there are similarities between this story and the movie twilight.