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Entertainment $0.99 TriggerWave LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

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iFish, the original fishing simulator!

iFish has the most fish, the most locations, and the most relaxing background noises.

Cast with a flick of the wrist. Enjoy the relaxing water sounds. When you feel a bite (vibration*), pull back to hook it, then reel it in with your finger!

Choose from over 40 different locations (now includes saltwater!) where you can catch over FIFTY different types of fish. Can you catch the rare pickerel?

You don't even have to fish - you can just sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds.

- Realistic fishing sounds
- Beautiful scenery (over 40 different locations)
- Relaxing ambient background noises
- Accelerometer-based casting and hooking
- Keep track of the fish you've caught
- Unlock new fish by gaining experience

* - iPod Touch users will hear a 'bite' sound, so be sure to use your headphones

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The Best Game Ever!
Red alert best game in the world!!!!!

This is the best game i have ever played in my life on the ipod touch it was my second game. Also the farther you cast the better your fish are i have caght 8 shortfin mako my best weighs 1,506 pounds. you should also try playing the other games made by Jhon Moffett some of them are good.

Asome game

Love it but can u make it so u can cetch like a shark not just a sailfish not a grate white but something imbetuing that and make the waves move please.

Update needed

When will they try 2 make a couple adjustments, because this app needs some. Don't ignore what the people want kauze it could come back n bite ya n d but!

Very basic app

Eh, for a buck it's ok I guess. Nothing special at all. Kinda lame actually but what the heck.

Best Catch

Very good game. The only thing I would change is when u catch a fish, it shows the weight of the biggest type of that certain fish. Other than that, it's a 4 1/2.


I wish the waves would move


This is so boring. Don't waste tour money. All it does is sit there and every five second or do you get a tug on your line only to find out that toy have missed it. The when you actually get to reel one in, tyou don't even get it.


I just bought this game today and it is so fun, but I also played it on my friends iPod and I loved it then.


This app is the best yet!¡!¡ I love it!¡!¡ awesome job!¡!¡

Not happy

Not a good choice, ifishing lite is way better n free! This game is photos of water with cropped hand n rod, very lame! You yank your phone to cast and hook then reel by making a crazy circle motion on the screen just to find out that u lost the dam fish! Fish r only worth ~5 points n u need 110 to advance to more lameness. It could take hours of mindless boring wrist snaps. I say pass on this purchase, dont make the same stupid mistake i did.

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