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Games $0.99 TriggerWave LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

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A brand new hunt from the makers of the #1 hit iHunt!

iHunt 3D is a genuine hunting game, not a simple shooter. Experience the thrill of lining up that big buck in your scope and squeezing the trigger.

Gain cash and experience as you hunt through different seasons. Purchase a more powerful scope or camouflage. The deer are highly detailed and lifelike. They stop to eat, look around, and are startled if you shoot at them and miss. They even go down realistically.

Headshots and long-distance shots give you extra experience, which gives you a steadier hand and faster reloads.

- Realistic 3D landscape
- Three different weapons, including a compound bow!
- Highly detailed buck and doe models
- Animated geese which you can also shoot (look up to see them)
- Super smooth animations
- Adjusts the lighting based on the time you play
- Two modes: quick hunt and career mode
- Hunting store to purchase new ammo and equipment
- 'Bullet-tracking' when you fire!!
- 4 different seasons
- Challenge mode with ONLINE LEADERBOARD powered by AGON Online

Gameplay hint: double-tapping brings up the rifle scope in the middle of the screen.


Please update

I love this game but it is not compatible please update just to make compatible but don’t change a thing

To hard to get money and other stuff

Shouldn't have to kill a million animals and get me sick of the game in order to get the crossbow let alone the radar. Also, it's annoying to find the animals and it's even harder to get money since 70% of the animals I find are freakin birds that give me like... 1$! Maybe more animals would help... And less birds.

It's a good app to pass the time

It's a good app to pass the time on long roadtrips an stuff like that, but it needs a BIG Update!!! The deer's geometric shape needs to be more detailed, an you need more flora in the area. it needs to look like a forest. And the option to walk around would be nice. 3/5 stars until further update.

This app better do something fast...
Da Tubbs

Because Deer Hunt 3D is way better, luckily it is five dollars, so you have some time to make A Few Good Updates


Make it where there's actually more than one deer at a time seriously. Then I might actually enjoy this game. And add some new animals like moose and bears.


Update the whole game for just... Itself!!!

Terminator t-600

yat4321, i know what u mean about the game being in the woods, but a hell of a lot more deer are in fields, which is what this game resembles so i dont think they should change much. overall its a great game.

Download error

I bought the app, it took my money, and it downloaded, but it's not in the app link on my itunes! can you fix this?

Piece of Crap

I played it once and it sucked balls!!!! Never buy it, is my opinion.

Awsome game

The game is awsome but you should be able to move around