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Ball in a Cup Lite

Simple. Fun. Completely addicting.
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Games Free TriggerWave LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Tilt left or right to fling the ball into the moving cup. Avoid the fiery pit below!

Play for ten seconds or two hours; the game automatically saves your progress.

The lite version includes 20 fully playable levels. The full version comes with one hundred levels of increasing difficulty, including flaming obstacles and a shrinking cup!

- Accelerometer-based play
- Non-annoying sound effects (which you can turn off)
- Only one hand needed
- 10 levels
- Auto-save progress
- Score keeping


Nice Concept needs work
Khach Me

Go back to the drawing board. Use both axis controls. Speed of ball needs to reset to zero after falling through the fire.


Sorry john moffet but your game is terrible. I feel bad saying that cause I know you put a lotta work in it 1. Needs sensitivity controls 2. I want to be able to control the ball. I tilt it a little left then a little right and it goes full circle... 3. Great potential game And when I uninstalled it my iPod crashed :-/ Richie P.

Glitchy piece of crap

This thing is glitchy as hell. Avoid! Even if the glitches were to be worked out, I couldn't see hours of fun in this game - don't waste your time.

Oh no

Oh no that boys ball fell out of his cup. Oh wait it's ok because the ball is attached to a string attached to the cup. Who needs constant video stimulation when you have hand painted ball in a cup, Mexico favorite toy!

Not bad

To the person that said it was racist, give us a break!!!! This is a game that is a favorite of many nationalities!!!!!! Come on be fair when it comes to reviews. If you don't like it just delete it!!!!! Why slam the developers??? If it causes problems then explain kindly. How can so many complain about things that are free?????


Nuff said.


Has the potential to be fun...

It's fun and free
paintball kid



Potential to be fun, but hurts wrist. >_<


Waste of time