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This app let's you learn the piano melodies with the fingers you would use on a real piano,
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Music $1.99 Apps For Hunger Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Want to learn how to play a song and exercise your fingers in a way that prepare you to play the piano?

Play the song in the app or use while you play a real piano!!

More than 30 great songs!!

Review from "You could spend hours practicing songs, honing your skills and becoming an expert on each tune"

Thanks to all the fans for making this a number one piano app in dozens of countries!!


Really easy

Started playing right away. This is great. Thanks


I like the improvements to this app. I would like to left handed songs as well. I would give my right hand to be ambidextrous. I am confused when it says I am the first to write a review as I wrote one for this app before. But I dont mind as I have further learned that this app also feeds the hungry and one who considers Noman Borlaug one of the greatest men who have ever lived that alone makes this app worth while but on top if that it seems to be the only piano teaching app that emphasizes finger placement which makes it probably the only real piano teaching app out there.

Fun graphics and simple

Not that different from other free piano apps, but it has more songs to learn and there are a lot. The glow keys and starry background are just fun.

Great app
Handwriting Helper

Great fun app. If the circles coming down were notes it would be a 5 rating. My kids and I love it. I really am interested in learning how to play so that would be a great addition.

Great App!!!!

Played it and loved it!


Just got this and like it a lot. It's lots of fun!


Best thing ever

Love it

This is so cool!!!!!!


DAM! This game is good



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