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Play a puzzle game with bible verses between levels.
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Inspired by curved space, fit the pentominoes (blocks) on the circle tetris style in this puzzle.

Rotate a block by pressing the purple button, place the block where you want by pressing anywhere on the board and spinning it.

Comments, feedback, beat game? Email us at [email protected] Cheers!



I like tetris, this is a good take on it, the bible verses are great

Wishful thinking
Gal Pal Val

They didn't ask your beliefs, they asked if you liked the game... I sure wish people would not be so arrogant. I like the concept. I'm still learning the game but it's pretty to look and definetly better than having to pay for Tetris. BTW, it has bible verses (hence the title) so if your offended by God, you might not like this game.


Super fun! You twirl the middle area so your block falls so it fits. Nice twist and cool that it's free.


I love the bible verses but I wish there was more of a variety. I like the tetris spin although I think it's hard haha. Very entertaining. I wish there were more bible related games.

Jesus is the only one !

I love how this was set up ! It gives christians a chance to show our love for God n still have fun w/ games like this ! Keep thinking of more ! We need to spred the Gospel of Christ ! (it would b cool to add salvation verses and the person can accept Christ )

Great game!!!
Lil bill2013

This is an excellent game by itself and the bible verses r a great bonus. I wish there were more bible based games though.

Pretty neat!

Well, this is a cute little game. I wish it had better instructions, but I'm not complaining- it's free! It's sort of like tetris, but the matrix is circular, not rectangular. The Bible verses are a nice touch. If you have a problem with them then the solution is simple: either ignore them or don't play the game. And may I remind you that the purpose of these reviews is not to bash those whose views are not like you own, but rather to comment on your feelings toward the game.

good app

I like the app a lot because of it's tetris style game play but I don't like the camera angle much, but it's still a great game. the best thing about it is that it has bible scripture in between each round. For those who don't like the bible to bad cause no one is begging you to get the app. if you don't like it attack the game not the bible, there will be a day where the same bible you trash will be the same book you run to for help knowing God.


This is one of my fav apps! The bible verses are great and fun to read, it's very addiccting, and I think it shouldn't be free, so I think everyone should have this app!!!!!!!


A very lame game.