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Find your world on Palringo. Connect with people all over the world who love the things you love. With over 350,000 different social groups, you can meet new people who share your interests - be they games, films, football, tv, or anything else - chat one-on-one or in groups and play games with your community.
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Some people follow, some people lead. Create your own Palringo Group to chat, make friends, and build a community.


Games are best played with others. We have some interesting announcements coming soon. Watch this space.


* GROUP CHAT: Chat and share pictures with your friends and groups
* VOICE MESSAGING: Palringo’s VM service lets you record and send audio clips
* ADD-ONS: Liven up your groups with Bots and Message Packs. Send a personal note bursting with hearts to the one you love, create your own memes or set the mischief bot loose in your group!
* SHARE: We value your privacy and won’t ask for lengthy, unnecessary details. Share only the information you want others to see.

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تعليق بالبرنامج وعدم استجابة للاوامر


I enjoy wolf but if you have your life threatened by a user, don’t expect to be told what the punishment is for who threatened you. ?

WARNING:Do NOT get this app.

Just signing in to this app makes you feel like you entered a time machine and traveled all the way back to the beginning of app development. The app itself is an outdated mess in terms of the features it has to offer vs its competitors in the market, and if they barely even functioned appropriately, then it wouldn't be as much of an issue. But they're slow, glitchy, crash frequently, images often fail to load, voice messages are low quality and very limiting in terms of the time, stage(their version of a voice call, I guess) is as horrendous and maladjusted as the rest of the features and THE PEOPLE THE APP ATTRACTS. And the people are the MAIN reason above the features as to why you should stay AWAY. Let me point out that in my time on this app I met some fantastic individuals, but with the passage of time the good have vanished and the bad(trolls) have overpopulated the app. You will meet a very poor selection of overall bad people in the few groups that are active who have a very negative and depressive outlook on life. They lack healthy coping methods and basic problem solving to go about their issues, so they resort to trolling on the app 24/7 as an escape from said reality. Yes, it's highly possible that you will be harassed insatiably over stupid reasons such as your physique (when they aren't exactly Calvin Klein material either). Some of these individuals dedicate themselves to finding and exposing your personal information (doxxing) so you and your relatives might not be safe. Others delve into hacking, therefore your own account and personal emails might be compromised as well. If you're a FEMALE, be prepared to be bombarded with unsolicited explicit content from ummm highly undesirable males in every aspect. And every app has their trolls, but it's the fact that the Mods, Admins and even STAFF itself are so incompetent, crooked(some ?) and lazy that they are not dealt with accordingly, so they only return in a short time to abuse people all over again. Last but no least, it's just a dying app. Save your device the capacity and do not waste any time or money on this app. Get a better product such as Discord, for example. There's a reason why the running joke within the community is NOBODY NEW JOINS OR STAYS. It's been the same collection of low life, low IQ, uneducated and malicious people for over 10 YEARS. STAY AWAY. You've been WARNED.

hey sugar looking for a good time?
lil anon 420666

hilarious app. i’ve spent too many years on this app making fun of the likes of sarah, kali, nicole (among others). very fun way to pass time. would give it a 5/5 but it’s since declined since ryan (ryawnz) left and austin quit doing H

Thank you for fixing

This app is great for the most part and they do care about their user base. I’ve been using it for awhile now.

Need to bring back photo editor options

App is good overall. But with one of the most recent updates, you took most of the good photo editor options away. And what is there now doesn’t even let you do anything really.

Not good

Not good

تحديث سيئ

بدال مايتعدل للافضل من ناحية اللاق زاد اكثر من قبل ماتعرفون تطورون تطبيق مو مجبورين ع تعدلون خلوه ع وضعه الاول افضل

Was a great app

I made my account in 2011ish and had a low number. Been loyal since then and used it a lot. This new update kicked me off and now I can’t remember login or what email I used because it’s been years since I’ve had to log in. Epic fudkin fail. Uninstalled and forgotten

Fake adeverstiment

Such a bad experience lots of violations, racism, discrimination, biased staff