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Do you like drawing? Do you like glowing? Waaaaaah!- Try Glow Draw!!!
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Entertainment Free Indigo Penguin Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

This is just an early version- download and get any updates free! Send any suggestions for new features and I'll try and put them in!

Sorry for the bad screenys- I can't draw :(. If u send in ur drawn pics, I'll put them as the screenshots! lol

Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive- you're AWESOME!!!


Love your app! Now let’s improve! 🙌

I think the app is a wonderful concept And I really love the neon colors. I’ve made a few drawings tonight; it’s very easy to use I still haven’t figured out how to rotate or what that means when I do but I would love for you to add a few more things if you can: 1. Please add more colors 2. It would be nice to stay in draft mode even if I have to go to another app or say when I’m on a call or maybe you can have an auto save to pickup where you left off? If that makes sense. 3. Is it possible to add a text feature, in neon colors with a range of cool fonts? We keep add a picture in the background I think it would make it even more interesting! Overall I’m really enjoying myself and thank you for creating something to inspire the community!❤️

Tango rules

I love this game because it gives you pretty cool choices of colors and things to do with them.😘😎❤️🙂

Umm no
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I really did not like thais game it was boring not a lot of color choices or other things to do

احمد ١٩٩٩

It was not that fun

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Well I'm nice t a big fan of this app 1. THE GAME IS ALWAYS LOGGING ME OUT OF MY DEVICE!!!! That needs a big improvement! 2. Sometimes when I work on something it doesn't save. That is not wanted 3. My third and final review is actually positive.😀!! This game will is actually kind of entertaining and fun if you are creative a good drawer. It also is really entertaining! Over all I would give it a 4 out of 5 star rating do to glitches and unwanted ads

Ads in app link to vulgar pornography

Please be careful with children. I let my little ones play with this app until I discovered that the hidden ad at the top with the “play” button linked to a very vulgar photographic sex video. I had to delete the app. Please be careful with this, exposure at a young age can be detrimental to their brain and lead to curiosity and addiction. If the phone was on airplane mode the ad disappeared.

Not that much
athe the roblox player

I did not like it that much and my brother agreed with me

Great 👏😸
Denile Bill QUinn & Kate

I used to love this app when I was little! It's still great! But wait... Why does it say sexy fun dating? It's a kids app. You lost a star. Still good

I think it needs improvement

I don't think it's horrible, but it can entertain for about a minute or two. I think only seven colors is too little. I think it could use a color wheel.Seriously, make improvements please.