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Do you like drawing? Do you like glowing? Waaaaaah!- Try Glow Draw!!!
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Entertainment Free Indigo Penguin Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

This is just an early version- download and get any updates free! Send any suggestions for new features and I'll try and put them in!

Sorry for the bad screenys- I can't draw :(. If u send in ur drawn pics, I'll put them as the screenshots! lol

Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive- you're AWESOME!!!


Abysmal ads, and upgrade is $5!

I think that greedy developers kind of bite the big one, do you know what I mean? Of course this developers free to charge what he wants, but I wouldn’t support him it.

So 😎
cat quad

It was so great 😁 I loved how it glowed

Awesome! Best app ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Eleanor !!🦉🐿

THIS MAY BE A REALLY LONG REVIEW BUT ONCE U READ IT U WILL NOT THINK READING IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME. This is a great app and although i don't make paintings with it much i use a lot to circle things to point out details in screenshots i send to my friends BEST APP EVER! I took some new screenies (i think i spelt that wrong) but i can't figure out how to send them in! 😭 If u know how to send in images PLEASE TELL ME!!! Since i can't send pics i'll describe what i use it for 1. I let my 2 yr old cousin draw rainbows and flowers with it 2. I draw cat ears on selfies of myself 3. I make new wallpapers for my phone 4. THIS IS THE BEST USE (i have to use an example to explain this) For example i am texting my friend and i send her a gif. She then asks me how to send gifs. Before i got glow draw all i would be able to tell her was to press the little a, however this can get really confusing now i can just take a screenshot upload it into glow draw a then circle the a. Then once i send her the pic it will be obvious what she needs to do in order to send a gif.

A Great App 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
cool cat 666

I like this app so much it’s really really really really really good

Obscene ad
angry teacher 2018

I used this app today and when I refused notifications I got an obscene ad saying “F—- these B—— with pictures of women with bare breasts. The app is copyrighted sexy fun dating. This is a drawing app for children aged 4+.

WARNING - This app has porn in it

It’s a joke that they would have porn adds pop up in a kids app.

wow such a waste of time (the app and my review, it’s long
Makayla Neman

The game: a waste of my time and storage, if I say glow, you say draw! but actually, YOU CAN’T DO EITHER. It doesn’t glow right, just some white lines with the color you picked as borders. I got this app off of mood scan and, even though mood scan doesn’t even give me the right emotion, it’s more entertaining than this, other reviews: people are saying there is an inappropriate video at the top and when you click it it shows the video but I tapped ALL my screen but there ain’t no video, I don’t wanna watch it but I just wanted to see if their lying, maybe they fixed it in game or maybe that review was a long time ago and they don’t show those ads anymore but whatever.


It's nice it's awesome its spectacular its good its worth it it's cool its..........THE BEST APP EVER MADE !!! GET IT AND BE HAPPY Totally not sponsored

Love your app! Now let’s improve! 🙌

I think the app is a wonderful concept And I really love the neon colors. I’ve made a few drawings tonight; it’s very easy to use I still haven’t figured out how to rotate or what that means when I do but I would love for you to add a few more things if you can: 1. Please add more colors 2. It would be nice to stay in draft mode even if I have to go to another app or say when I’m on a call or maybe you can have an auto save to pickup where you left off? If that makes sense. 3. Is it possible to add a text feature, in neon colors with a range of cool fonts? We keep add a picture in the background I think it would make it even more interesting! Overall I’m really enjoying myself and thank you for creating something to inspire the community!❤️

Tango rules

I love this game because it gives you pretty cool choices of colors and things to do with them.😘😎❤️🙂