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Ever wanted to know how to kiss? This app tells you how!
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Hey I'm ten I'm not going to get this app but to review 3 I'm going into 5th no numer

Tic tac toe glow

I love it it is fun

Need a girl friend around 11
That one cool guy!!!!!!!

Hey jbsgurl where u live


Did u get the app back

Final Arch Angel

Hey Allie, I got text plus. What's your username?

Hi nick
Bree Doster

My name is Bree

Nelly noobby

Lol. You guys are desperate. ^^^^^ (:

App girl345

I just got it for laughs

Hey anyone under 16, please read!

So I'm an 10 year old who likes hot… jk!!! Look, if you are not 16, I really don't think your mature enough to date, let alone try to date STRANGERS!!! HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF STRANGER DANGER?!?!? STRANGER DANGER!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And if u want to date that bad, at least be 13. Plus, the whole, "kik me if your hot" or whatever …… what if they send you a fake pic? Let's be open to all the possibilities, k? What if you say your 10, and thē person responding is 30? They could be creepers!!! Tttssssss BBBOOOOOOOOMMM!!! PEOPLE DO LIE ON THE INTERNET AND STRANGER DANGER!!!!!! Now, for the mob of people who think I'm a hater, GET OFF MEH LAWN!!! IMA THROW ROCKS AT YOU YOUNG'NS IF YOU STEP ON MEH GRASS AGAIN!!! Lol… yes, I am a little random!!! ? and, I'm not dating yet! Because I'm not 16!!! Laters! ~DudetDrummer

Boys Read

Hi my KIK name is microfly1 and I am single and only 12 and want to be in a relationship ;)!