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★★ Happy April Fools' Day ★★
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Entertainment Free Dobrinka Peeva iPhone, iPad, iPod

★ All the best Pranks in one AMAZING GAME!

Do you enjoy playing pranks on your friends and family? Download this App with all the best pranks in one place!

⚡ School
⚡ Birthdays
⚡ April Fool's Day
⚡ Computers
⚡ Cars
⚡ The Office

★ Email/Facebook/Twitter sharing

★ Endless hours of Fun!


READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD or just don’t download
by fluffy stuffins

Ok so I just got this app thinking “oh yes I’ll prank my friend” and I opened it and I tapped on the prank of the day and there was just a picture and no description and no title like WHAT so I clicked on every other one and they are LOCKED you have to PAY FOR THEM!! I don’t recommend ?☹️??? I would rate 0 stars but you have to put at least 1 star


For real. You can’t do anything on this app for free. Do they know that a majority of the people playing pranks are kids with no credit cards whose parents aren’t going to want to to pay freaking $5 A WEEK for some dumb app? This is ridiculous.



I only want more features


To much money

I like the idea of the pranks but to get the different genres of pranks you have to pay 5 bucks a week witch is 20 bucks a month and 240 a year that is crazy no one should pay that much for something you won’t even use

???? ???? ???!!!

I was so excited when I got this app since April fools day was 4 days away. I was really looking forward to prancing my family! As soon as the app downloaded I clicked on the icon to look at the April fools pranks and it turned out you had to pay for them! This went on with all of them except the prank of the day(which is only one prank) I am willing to go onto Pinterest for FREE and look at unlimited pranks, I extremely advise not download this app.?

Worst app ever
Peter Peoperoni

Can’t unloct


I got this app to have a little fun, knowing I might not have access to everything. But then I get on, and all I get is the days question or pay $4.99 per WEEK.



Not horrible

This app isn’t horrible although some pranks are not really pranks and everything is locked until you pay for it. Overall not horrible.

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