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Foscam Pro: Multi IP Camera Viewer

The app Foscam Pro is the most feature rich Foscam iPhone app and iPad app to take advantage of your Foscam IP cameras both HD and SD, as well as other MJPEG cameras. Alll the features you want and need are in one place. For almost all Foscam HD and SD cameras there is two-way audio, video recording, and image capture.
Category Price Seller Device
Utilities $4.99 Synaptic Edge LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Note: Foscam Pro is not made by or affiliated with Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology. Please do not contact us with camera hardware problems. Thank you.

Compatible cameras WITH two-way audio where supported: FI8905W, FI8908W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918W, C1, FI9803P V2, FI9804P, FI9805, FI9805W, FI9816P, FI9821P, FI9821P V2, FI9821W, FI9821W V2, FI9821W V2.1, FI9826P V2, FI9826W, FI9828P, FI9828W, FI9831P+V2, FI9853EP, FI9900P, FosBaby, FosBaby P1 , C2, R2, and Insteon 2864-232.

Compatible cameras WITHOUT audio: Foscam FI9821V1, FI8620, FI8608, Cis-co WVC-80N, D-Link DCS-942L, Agassio 522, Panasonic CL0230, and the WowWee Rovio robot.

Other cameras might work but it is not guaranteed; choose a camera in the settings that looks similar. If you find cameras that are compatible, please let us know and we will add them to this list.

To view your cameras remotely, you will have to setup dynamic DNS and/or port forwarding on your home router. Get your camera working with your browser first. Then setup the app.
See this page for help:

Need help? Tap the info button to contact us.
Please contact your camera reseller for support with your initial setup.

Current Feature Summary:
▶Preset camera position control
▶Two-way Audio on compatible models (see list above)
▶Listen to multiple cameras at the same time
▶Listen to camera audio while the app is in the background
▶Adjustable camera arrangement
▶Up to four camera groups
▶Live settings feedback
▶2 Control Methods ("No look" Joystick or Screen Drag)
▶Control of your camera's motion detection, ftp upload, and email and SD features (as applicable based on camera models)
▶Pan and Tilt Speed Control
▶In App motion and face detection (with automatic image/video capture) for SD model cameras.
▶Video Recording to camera roll (with audio on compatible models)
▶Optional Passcode Lock
▶Fast multiple camera setup
▶Save/e-mail your camera settings to other users/devices

The "no look" joystick allows you to look at the camera image while positioning the camera instead of needing to look at some tiny arrow buttons. Simple tap and hold anywhere near the joystick. The joystick will center on your finger. Then just drag in the direction you want to go.

Push to talk makes talking through your camera easy. Simply hold the microphone button to talk and release to stop.

Take pictures and videos with ease. Videos and images are captured instantly without interference, popups, or waiting. Images and videos are sent directly to your camera roll. You can email or upload them to YouTube from there.

Fast, easy setup: Most people with multiple cameras have them setup with similar network settings, often only the port number is different. With Foscam Pro’s duplicate feature, setting up multiple cameras takes only a few seconds. Username and passwords can now be set up as defaults for new cameras.

Setting up the same cameras on multiple devices? Foscam Pro allows you to e-mail your camera settings to yourself, coworkers, family or friends. Passwords are no longer included in the configuration file.

Additionally, Foscam Pro allows you to use local addresses for when you are on the same network as the cameras, and remote addresses for when you are away from the home location. This allows you to get the best connection no matter where you are.

Want to save bandwidth? Foscam Pro has three bandwidth saving modes to choose from for 89xx series models.

Foscam Pro is a universal app. This means it is a Foscam iPhone app, a Foscam iPad app, and a Foscam iPod app. You only have to buy it once.


Thanks for the best surveillance app

I had some problems when I got the Foscam 9821, my second camera. I was really pleased to see the improvements after you updated your app. I thought it was the camera causing the problems. I was even thinking of getting another older model. Nothing was working right. Now, everything is perfect again. This was truly a pleasant surprise. What a difference good software makes. Thanks for continuing to make your product the best. 6/3/20 thank you whoever is responsible for putting this app back in the App Store. After I got a new iPad, I couldn’t download this even after contacting Apple support. I knew it worked with the current iOS. I tried unsuccessfully to get it back, but it wouldn’t let me. I love this useful app and use it all the time.


Software Worked for 6 years then suddenly stopped

Gone to the dogs

We use our Foscams to monitor the dogs in our kennel area (we train service dogs). This app makes it easy for us to check on them at all long as our terrible Frontier Communications Internet is actually working.

Fast and simple

Straight forward, fast and simple. That’s all I need. Keep up the good job!

Doesn’t work

Maybe doesn’t work isn’t fully correct, it works for my wife, but not for me. Same exact settings. Emailed support but they never responded. I say if you’re going to spend money on cameras invest in ones that you can actually use, these Foscam’s have absolutely no value to me.

Android Version

I wish that they will make an Android version of this app. It’s the only app that worked great with my old cameras.

No longer working

Doesn’t seem to be supported anymore

Works but very buggy and slow

Hasn’t been updated in 3 years

Old Foscam vs new Foscam

I’ve purchased old Foscam from eBay and thought they sucked. But one time Foscam had a special on the app and I tried it. It was night and day every one of those old Foscam worked great. No issues and a year later they are working So I bought a new Foscam and it works just as good. Lesson: write the app First and give that away , then increase the camera value. This is an old persons opinion.

This app is horrible

For months now when I try to access the cameras it either freezes up or does not come up at all.

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