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Flowdock is your team inbox with chat. It replaces Skype, IM or IRC chat in your team's workflow and frees your mailbox from automated emails. With integrations to over 50 tools, you’ll always stay up-to-date with what your team is doing.

The Flowdock iOS app lets you tap into your flows using your iOS device. You can chat with your teams, browse your team inbox, upload images and keep up with discussions.

NOTE: To use the Flowdock app, you need to have a Flowdock account.

Flowdock integrates with your favorite tools, including Trello, Git & GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Zendesk, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Capistrano, Heroku, Redmine, FogBugz, Basecamp, BitBucket, Kiln, Mercurial, Nagios, Pingdom, Hudson / Jenkins and many other project management, issue tracking, wiki, version control, monitoring, deployment & continuous integration systems and services.

For feedback, bug reports or feature suggestions, check out our Uservoice page at http://flowdock.uservoice.com


Crashes constantly

Since upgrading to iOS 11 on my iPad, it crashes upon opening every time. I’ve reinstalled twice and restarted device. No luck.

Sad decline
TJ Merritt

CA is slowly destroying the Flowdock app. Each release is buggier and less user friendly than the prior. Much prefer using Slack these days and this wasn't the case 6 months ago. App crashes on me multiple times a day now. Update: 2017-09-29 App is now completely broken. After an update to the latest version this morning the app tells me this version is no longer supported.

Totally broken on iPad and iOS 11

Crashes on start...wish there was more to say.

Such a basic broken app

Scrolling is a mess, notifications aren’t consistent and it doesn’t refresh the view properly; I have to quit the app just to refresh the view! This needs better care and more attention if it’s going to be used by teams effectively.

Barely working
Allen VanEveren

The new iOS app is pretty rough. When you change to a 1:1 flow, it starts scrolled way back in the list. When you switch flows, it leaves up the old flow’s messages and doesn’t give a loading screen, so you get confused which flow you’re in. Actually. The attachment upload dies give a loading screen either - active feedback while background things are running are kinda expected

Please fix these issues

Some have already shared issues with notifications not jumping you to the right thread. It’s a real pain to scroll thru posts you’ve already read to get to the one you’re notified about. We’re on the move, not sitting, and need an app to keep up with us. Thanks!

Barely usable

Links won’t open to safari. Killing productivity. I need to be able to open all kinds of links to access external data. Manually copying a link is all but a total fail.

Federated login fails

Using the login from CA you end up logging into rally in the pop up browser. The flow never completes and you can’t actually login to Flowdock.

Very buggy

I have version 3.10.5 and it's a mess. How did this even get released in this state? The scrolling is all over the place. Every time i send a message the feed scrolls to a random place and then i have to scroll back down. How does that even happen? I'm sure the next release will fix these issues but why update to such a buggy app when it worked perfectly fine before?

It's a mess

Latest version keeps scrolling back and forth when loading history in chats. Keeps crashing when expanding 'see more' messages. Very disappointed. Going to move to slack or something else once possible, and recommend you to do the same.

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