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4/5 rating based on 50 reviews. Read all reviews for Flags Fun - World for iPhone.
Flags Fun - World is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky

Good game


Pretty name for the price my son loves it

Fun game & Educational


I play it every day.

Double Bonus


I love a game that is fun and improves my grey matter. This one is a hit.

Great learning tool!

spongebob's cousin

My kids play all the time and now they have me hooked as well. It is a great learning tool and opens up their minds to learn more than the flags of the world. So much better than Angry Birds!



Helped me a lot

I love this app.


It's fun to use and I'm learning A LOT very quickly.



It's a good game that helps kids and adult recognize the different flags. My daughter loves it!

Lots of fun!


My son who is five really enjoys matching games, and this one is great!


8th mile

Really fun way to learn flags of the world.

Flags fun not so fun

The Gaggle

Good way to learn but not worth the money. Once u start a game there is no way to get back to the main menu. It also only fits a small screen. I don't recommend buying.

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