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Flags Fun - World is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky

Love it!


Great way to learn the flags. Would love to see flags for all the countries, also a list of the countries with the flags beside them. May want to update some of the country names (like Zaire, which is now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Otherwise, wonderful app!



I truly love this app. But I've waited a long time for a substantial number of new flags to be added. As far as I can tell there have been only about 6 new flags since I bought this game last summer. C'mon guys. What could be delaying the addition of the remaining flags of the world? Some major countries are still not represented! (Greece for example) Please add the rest as soon as possible.

Missing a few


Why no Greek flag?

Great Game


I love this game. Fun way to learn flags. Just add some flags like Greece and other missing flags.

Love this game!


Excellent way to learn flags of world! Please add more. I would also love to be able to peruse a list of all the flags and names without the pressure of a clock.

Fun and Educational

Crimson player

I like it a lot, but it can be frustrating!

Flags Fun


Lots of fun! Amazed to find out what I did NOT know. You can learn a lot if you keep trying. Gee, there are so many flags!

Good learning and review


Fun to see the patterns and similarities and begin thinking about what makes a flag "good" and the historical significance of the pattern.



Thanks for providing hours of fun!!!

Great Game!

PiGuy 3.1415

This is a unique and fun game! I love to play it!

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