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Flags Fun - World is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky




Fun!! But please, please add....


...a flash card option where a single flag pops up and you can tap it and it will flip over and say what country the flag is from. I love learning the flags and that'd be a fun way to practice remembering them! And if you are feeling fancy you can make it where you can bank all the flags you already do know so that you can just have the ones that you are still trying to learn in the flash card line up. Please consider it. Thanks for the app!

Scroll search


The reason I Downloaded this App was for the memory game but also as a quick reference. It would be nice if it had a scroll search by color for quick eye spotting to find the related country.


My Arrow - My Family

This is a great learning tool while you have fun doing it. Definite recommendation.

Seems to be missing a few countries


Overall a great learning game and it works on planes!

Old fun game


Played this game in the 70's in the board game. Now I get to play on my phone it's too kick butt you'll have a blast



Awesome game this is a great game to go over world flags.

Great app


I am learning which flag is which and this has helped. Keep up the good work!

Love it.


Really well done.

This Is The Perfect App!


This app is beautiful! It's the perfect app! I love it tremendously!

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