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Playing our interesting educational game little babies will never get bored because they are going to take care of animals, catch fish for kids, do cleaning house for kids, build a raft and solve other riddles and brainteasers for kids.
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Main features of the yard games:

1) The baby will meet 10+ game levels that differ from each other. Every level of game contains several mini games.
Here they are:
So, on the first level the kid will feed animals - chickens, pigs, horses. There is a progress bar to be full to jump to the next task.
The next level is devoted to fishing. The goal is to catch three fish.
Any child dreams of building his or her own raft and go swimming with his or her friends, overcoming various water obstacle games.
Moving to another place is quite a difficult and exciting adventure, any person does it at least once in the life. Our game for little kids will show your child how moving to another place is generally organized. Finally, we transport our bags in the lorry via a road, very much resembling a labyrinth game for kids.
After arriving in the new place we see an old house and yard that demand cleaning up and putting in order. The baby will clean one by one the following rooms - a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a children's room.
Now the house is made up inside, it’s time to clean the house outside and then we are going to do planting trees.

We will not describe the rest of the learning games for kindergarteners. Let them be a pleasant surprise for you and your baby.

2) The game is available in several languages - Russian, English, Spanish and others. The puzzles for toddlers are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction.

3) The game trains fine motor skills, develops imagination, ingenuity, attentiveness, assiduity, memory and other qualities that will help to better learn at school in the future.

4) Clean the planet can be downloaded for free. Free games for kids are a real godsend for families with a small budget, as they provide development for babies of high quality without unnecessary financial expenses.


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