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Join the great journey to the unknown galaxy that you will never forget.
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Education Free 智媛 冯 iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Simple controls, developed especially for kids age 2-6.
• It’s an entertaining astronomy game for kids to explore space with fun.
• Discover the structure of a rocket, expreience the rocket launching, and get to taste the training course for the astronauts.
• In the game, kids can pilot the spacecraft to take an adventure in space, meet with friendly Aliens, and get to know the galaxy.
• Don’t miss the fun game of connceting the stars, so kids can learn the order of numbers.
• It’s fun and easy to play. It allows kids to move puzzles around plus plenty of interactions, allows your kids to explore freely.
• Each component is equipped with pronunciation, learning more professional words.
• Happy learning is encouraged by appropriate praises throughout the game.
• Support with Simplified and Traditional Chinese texts.

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