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As we all know, the abilities development attribute to the expression and understanding. So the importance of pronunciation and imitation in the early education is without doubt. When your baby opens the mouth start to speak, how to make it happen? Communicate with him/her and repeat the simple word and phrase anytime and anywhere as much as possible.
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"ABC Learning For The Baby" will partner with you to help your baby to practice the pronunciation of everyday vocabulary and learn to speak the daily expression. The classified situational-game will guide the baby to enrich the vocabulary and grasp the daily life expression in order to develop the lingual logic. Comparing with the paper-book, this game-based app could interact with the baby with vivid 3-D picture and sound so that the baby could take exercise to develop the language easily.

1. Chinese-English pronunciation.
2. The integrated classification makes sure of the baby who can touch the pleasure of English-learning:
ABC:the basic contact of English.
Rhythm:the gathering of all kinds of sound in the daily life.
Life: self-help skills such as brush the teeth and wash hands.
Cooking:the collection of all kinds of food in the kitchen.
Situation: the answer and reply of daily life.
Color: the elementary color of the world.
3. Easy-to-learn and bright-colored accelerate your baby to develop the ability of recognition and pronunciation.

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