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Bus Driver Game for Kids, Baby

Please pay attention! The bus is going to stop! I am the bus driver. Dear passengers, for your safety sake, please sit and stand properly.
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Bus Driver is a role-play puzzle game for kids to know more about the occupations. Through the game, kids can gain knowledge about various buses and transportations. In addition, kids can experience about the routine work of the bus drivers.

Age:2-6 years old.

● Kids can learn about the basic structures of the buses, the ways of maintaining and washing the buses as well.
● Kids can experience the routine work of the bus driver: for example, start to run the bus, stop the bus and let passengers get on and get off the bus safely, and arrive at the terminal etc.
● Kids can learn about the rules of getting on the buses.
● Kids can learn about the safety symbols and instructions so that kids may realize the importance of safety at a higher level.
● Professional role plays on the construction site for training the children observation and thinking skills.
● Simple operation like jigsaw puzzle, very interesting and good for logical thinking development.
● Each component is equipped with pronunciation, learning more professional words.
● Happy learning is encouraged by appropriate praises throughout the game.
● Support with Simplified and Traditional Chinese texts.

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