My most used photo utility app – Enlight Review

Enlight is my go-to multipfunction image editing app. My three primary uses are: 1) Frame / Collage creation. When I want to post several images combined to Instagram, Enlight does the job. Not as flexible as apps like Diptic, but good enough most of the time. 2) Adding text / captions to images. Not as flexible as Over, but again, good enough most of the time. 3) Warping / deforming family members for fun and profit. When I put my brother's face on my mom's head (but kept her hair) and gave him bulging eyes plus a weasel grin, my mom almost peed her pants. Enlight can do a whole lot more and has great 'how tos' built in. Easy to learn, easy to use. Just wish it had layers! Then it would get six stars.
Review by Jeremy Driver on Enlight.

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