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Early Start Sight Words Flash Cards Lite

This is the lite version of the Early Start Sight Words application.
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Sight word time with your child becomes an exciting fun experience that they share with you. Try it and see what you think.

Early Start Sight Words is designed for you to spend quality time with your child as they learn their sight words.

Guide your child through around the first 50 of the full list of 340 sight and high frequency words. With multiple users and letter settings, younger children join in learning their letter sounds like their big brother or sister.

Main Features include:

1. around 50 of the full version's 340 sight and high frequency words (including the Dolch List)
2, special letter setting for younger children
3. unlimited players
4. progress tracking for each player
5. the full version has the ability to add your own words, this is inactive in the lite version.
6. two low contrast colour settings which may help in cases of dyslexia.

Remember one of the key factors in how successful your child is in learning to read, is the amount of time you spend guiding them, and reading to them.

We suggest dedicating at least 10 minutes a day to running through their sight words and they will learn them in no time.

Note: None of our games have in application purchases or embedded advertising.


Have now purchased fully version
by Monkeystitch - Version 1.0 - Dec 7, 2012

Using apps on ipad2. No problems loading etc. Having tried the lite version - I have gone onto purchase full versions of both spelling and reading apps. Bought this because we wanted an app to help our son with spelling and reading of 'common' words. What I liked was that you can go through the words quickly and it keeps a log of which words the child has answered correctly. You have to use this app with the child but the spelling app could be used more independently. It is a quick app to use with your child. Possible improvements. To be able to use the app in 'landscape'. Have option to use keyboard on screen with lowercase letters displayed. Looking forward to seeing the results from using this app - thanks.


Has a lot of potential
Pkr lvr

As a mother and elementary teacher, I have experience teaching letters and sounds to children. This app is definitely one where you will need to sit with your child and help teach them. If you're looking for a tool to teach them while you do your own thing, this isn't it. Pros: The child can be tested over the letters/words they know and after they test, the "game" only makes them practice what they don't know. This would have been a great tool to use when I taught Pre-k and had to test the students on letter knowledge. Cons: the letters are listed in order so if the child knows the ABC song, you won't be able to tell if they know them or not. Also, it would be nice if they could tap the letter/word and hear what it is during the game mode so it would be easier to let them sit and practice on their own.

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