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Early Start Look Cover Write Check Lite

Learning to spell becomes a fun experience with Early Start Look Cover Write Check. Your child will enjoy learning to spell 10 words at a time with an initial list of 30 words. Try it out before you upgrade to the full version with over 130 words.
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The look cover write check process involves the child looking at the word, then electing to cover the word, then trying to spell it themselves and checking to see if they are correct.

The words have been specially selected for 5 year old children. 

Children love any chance to use your iPhone or iPad, so why not channel that enthusiasm into teaching them to spell. 

Your child will practice spelling, take tests and review words they know, to reinforce their learning. 

Designed with three colour schemes and a choice of male or female voices. Your child will love learning to spell. 

Main features include: 

1. Initial list of 30 words chosen specifically for 5 year olds.

2. Unlimited players 

3. Progress tracking for each player 

4. The choice of either male or female voice 

5. Two additional low contrast colour settings which may help in cases of dyslexia.


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