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The new iPad version of this app offers the same great cooperative drawing games as the iPhone version. With Draw for iPad, you'll be able to play sketching games over Bluetooth and upload your favorite drawings to Twitter.


Fun app

The ability to adjust the thickness of the pencil would be cool--like turning a pencil on it's side for shading. Otherwise, very cool free app.

Functional, Fun... Not real visually pretty and easy to lose drawings

This app is a great (and free for the moment!) way to jump into doodling on your iPad. It's functional and fun and has some built in drawing game templates. I quite like the color selection method. I'm not very fond of the graphic design. Also, biggest problem: it is WAY too easy to LOSE your drawing! If you switch modes, your drawing gets erased.


Love how there's tic tac toe and dots. Would be fun on a long car/bus/plane ride.

Great for kids and fun.

If you are looking for a "real" drawing program this is NOT it. If you want something to hand your kids so you can get lots of silly faces, cartoon outdoors, and them quite for a bit, this is the app for you. I have two kids and love drawing on it and playing the tic-tack-toe and connect the dots. I've done a little drawing on it, and it was fun. (I'm not in anyway an artist, designer, or anything of the kind.) It was fun to make stick figures with. :)

Needs improvement

This app looks cool but it vectorizes everything you do. In other words, if you try to draw a curve it will get converted into a series of straight lines.

Very well done

Draw for iPad is great to have when you're looking for a pen and paper but can't find one. Who needs those things now that you have the iPad??? Also cool that you can email your sketches on the spot. Thanks for making it free!!!


I really love this app! The only thing I would change is to add more colors PLEASE! Thanks! :-)

Pretty good
Popcorn good

One major thing missing for me is that it appears multi-touch doesn't work in the app

Don't expect much

This app is really basic, it looks ugly and has few options. There are much better drawing apps. It's free so I can't complain too much. But kids might like it.

This is great for kids.

And for me too... My both boys love it. Its amazing... What have we done, when we were young??? 5 STARS.

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