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To Do is a simple, free To-Do list manager written as a favor for some friends. It provides barebones task management. You can add, order and manage your to do items. Basic priority and note support adds extra functionality.
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Productivity Free Erica Sadun iPhone, iPad, iPod


Exactly what I needed !

Light and simple .. Not complicated :) Well done ! Very useful ..


Great app that quickly makes a list of to do's!

Great app

Basic app. No bell and whistle. Does what it states. Simple and elegant. Love it. No ads or annoying data retention in servers. In phone data storage without snooping , big plus.

Good app
Giso Asgari

App is easy to use and helpful

Worst Ever

This is the worst to do app I've tried. Extemely complicated to operate for something that should be so simple.


Very good UX. I have tried others, this is the best free todo. I miss syncing with Google account. Please add it dear developer.

Great To Do App

I needed an app to make a list of things to do at work each day, and I decided to try this app first. No need to search any more! So simple and easy to use! Love it!!


My biggest problem is the visual display. I want to see more of my todo items on one screen than having to scroll.

Very useful, needs improvement
Peter Stika

The app is exactly what I was looking for. It's simple to Add tasks and prioritize your day. I would add 2 things: 1: the keyboard should work at the horizontal setting as well as the vertical setting. It would be much more comfortable to type on. 2: you should have an option to make an adjustment to the font size and lettering. I cannot always read my whole task and I am forced to go into notes to figure it out. I know I'm not the first person to mention the size if the words. Worth getting. Better than Post It notes.

The most straightforward to do program
iLux Lucis

This is the best and most straightforward "to do" program. Just write a note of what needs to be done, keep it to remind youself of the task, and erase it when you're done. What can be simpler, and yet no one else in the app seems to have thought of this concept.

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