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DragonBreed for DragonVale is free iOS app published by The Next Flow, S.L.

Not updated!


Lowering my rating from 5 stars to 3. This app used to be great, but now it isn't updating regularly. And now we have limited usage unless we watch ads. If you are going to make me "pay" for the app with my time, then you'd better keep it up to date!

Great App


This App is great for helping a player determine what breeding combination to use for DragonVale. I'd give a five star rating, but they've been slow to upload combos for new dragons.



Great little helper for breeding and such I love it

Lowered Rating


Lowered stars from 5 to 3. They are no longer updating on a regular basis. With DV's latest update this app should have already been updated. At this point it is fairly useless. I don't mind watching ads or even paying for an ad free app but not when it is not updated on a regular basis.

Never updated anymore


I used to love this app, now they never update it anymore. Deleting because it's useless without frequent updates.

Dragonarium + Sandbox makes this app unnecessary (and they don't make you watch ads to use them)

Not so happybird

Deleted the app several months ago, just re-downloaded to see what they did for the Rift update. Ugh. Wish I hadn't bothered. Deleting it again after writing this review. You now have to watch an ad every time you use the breeding calculator. Lame. This app is totally unnecessary. Everything it does can be found in the game or online. The Dragonarium keeps track of your dragons. You can use the breeding Sandbox for free (easy to find links to the Sandbox on the DV Wiki, Reddit, and all the DV forums). The Sandbox is much faster than this app and it is updated very, very frequently. Plus, NO ads. It's head and shoulders above this app. Don't waste your time and device space.

Cool reference!


Love the ease of finding matches


Dragon walker

This is a great guide to help with dragonvale. Saves you lots of gems!

Dragon breed


Love dragon breed... great help !!!

Could be better

Moon over the Gulf

This app is spot on most of the time. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t update enough. When new dragons are available you have to wait to long to see what the breeding options are for them cuz the old expired ones are still up there. That’s my only complaint about this app.

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