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DragonBreed for DragonVale is free iOS app published by The Next Flow, S.L.

Legit dragon info


I use this ALL the time, and it is 100% accurate!

Keeps track and helps breed


Essential for keeping track of my dragons and pedestals, and for finding the best breeding combinations. Yes, I'm an adult, and I'm addicted to the game of Dragonvale! Year 3...

Great App!


I have used it for several years and finally bought it now that I am convinced it is here to stay. Kudos to the developers.

Excellent Resource


An invaluable tool for playing DragonVale! I love the tips and breeding simulator.

Great app


Easy to use Andrew like how it tracks what dragons and pedestals I have.

Great game


I enjoy how the developers keep you interested by introducing new dragons and the bonus games (like the Pentournament). I play at least twice daily. However, I can't afford to buy gems to purchase new dragons and I don't have friends that play. If you could use coins that would be great. Thanks for an enjoyable game. ZB

Excellent ,


Very helpful, need to use it several times every week. Would be lost without it. Cal 1932


Maximum Fun!

Love this game! I have played every day for over a year and still enjoy it every time!



So easy to use! Great tool!

Very useful tool

Zombie Senior

Simply designed. You can use it for basics, or more.