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DragonBreed for DragonVale is free iOS app published by The Next Flow, S.L.

It's incredibly accurate

Anastasia Alexia of Cordova

Majority of the time if I try to get an epic dragon with a locked combination I just go to this app and try the combinations and it always works, it may take time but it always does work and it is basically all you need if you are a DragonVale user

Fantastic Helper

Sch sec

This is a fantastic helper for finding matches. Use it all the time. Highly recommend!



Very useful

Very helpful!


A must-have if playing DragonVale!

Great app


This is a reliable app to use in conjunction with Dragonvale. The suggested breeding are usually spot on. I recommend this app for regular Dragonvale players.


Cricket One

The VERY BEST Guide! I use all of the guides available for all the dragon games! Easy, fast & accurate! Get them all & you'll get what your breeding for! Linda

Amazing Tool

Mr Z53

Honestly I don't think I could play DragonVale without this app. Cannot recommend enough. No, they didn't pay me to say this. Promise! Lol

Excellent for identifying eggs

Practical Traveler

I like using it to know what kind of dragon an unfamiliar egg will become. I use it almost every day.

Dragons Breeds

Girl just wan a have fun

I really like my Dragon breed, it's not complicated easy to follow. All the Dragons are sets accordingly. It tells you how to when the dragons are expired so you don't have to keep breeding over and over. All the dragons are in alphabetical order. I love it.

Love it!


Must have companion to Dragonvale!