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DOOM is paid iOS app published by Bethesda Softworks LLC


Pubg mobile is bad

Not worth it. Just get gzdoom on pc with a doom wad.

Please Fix Controller


Strafe does not work on controller

Please fix mfi controls!!!


Mfi controls are broken. Cannot strafe left to right.

Game is......I can’t even explain how good this is!!

Beetlejuice fan

So far no ads awesome also I don’t how the controls work it’s just awesome. But there is one thing the person does move a little slower than my Nintendo switch doom classic but who cares it’s awesome thank you so much for making doom portable it’s awesome. Oh never mind the slow ness it works fine in 16:04 wide screen. Also this glitch is very cool when you are walking and you pull the joy con far enough you emedeltly run that’s awesome too.



Uhm, sure, I’m sure someone can “fix” the controls But this state seemed to run just fine for me. It made me wonder if I made a mistake! But as far as I’m concerned I’m just playing the game in an unfamiliar way, it’s totally do-able, a good challenge, and I’ll GIT GUD on this particular version of the game and slay..... That being said, anyone who’s not very flexible to adjusting to different platforms.... wait until they fix that technological itch :)

The controls have been fixed!


The game that started it all. Simply put, this game is outstanding. Originally, this port had control defects that rendered the game unplayable. Those issues have been corrected. This game is definitely worth the price.

I love this game


Bruh this game is awesome I love it it is so fun I would enjoy like a pvp mode but other than that it’s good


JC 1989

I agree with the other reviews about the controls. They have suffered tremendously. Double tap to shoot doesn’t work for me half the time.

My favorite


I give it four stars because I want you to change the medkit color back to red instead of green

Great game, but needs more content


I just got it and within 3 hours of gameplay I finished the story mode. I'm pretty sure there's more to this game. And where did multiplayer go? I would like to play with other people