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CP & IV Calculator for Pokemon GO - ivs rate calc is free iOS app published by Qinshan Lin

It's okay


It's okay. Does what it says but I am not a fan of the UI. Give it a shot maybe you'll like it. I also get really annoyed by the ads.

Best IV Calculator


Easy to run. IV wasn't perfect clear at first, but just do the power up and you get the rating.

The best until now.

Avatar Shinryu

One of the easiest calculators


Crazy corn dog

Works as expected



Just what I needed. Time saver, quick and easy. At first wasn't clear where to find IV, and realized its part of power up results.



Gave me false hope about my Drowzee one day evolving into an Onix

So so ... Not much info


Like the layout and pics

Pretty simple


It's seemingly accurate and very useful as for some having problems with finding the IV calculator, it's under "power up". Overall pretty good app



Easy convenient

Works great


I've tried a few IV calculators and It's pretty accurate from my experience with the app so far. It gives more detail then a couple of other calculators I have tried plus you don't have to power up your pokèmon to get a good reading although there is and option to which helps give a more accurate percentage. It's easy to use and is great for helping you pick out which pokèmon you should keep, plus it has an evolution calculator which I wasn't exactly looking for but is great to have

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