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CP & IV Calculator for Pokemon GO - ivs rate calc is free iOS app published by Qinshan Lin

Very Useful and Helpful

Final8classical 34Lati

This app is very helpful for when you need to find out if a Pokemon is worth evolving or not. The CP calculator is very accurate and the IV calculator is helpful when you want to know if your Pokemon is perfect or not. One problem I have encountered in the app is when I go to evolve a drowzee to see what it's cp as a hypno would be it shows an onyx instead. I don't know if the calculation for the cp is still correct or if it calculates what the cp would be as an onyx. I will update my review after testing.



This app is up to par with websites like pokeassistant. Best IV and evolution checkers on the App Store.


Figs chuffing

Most accurate

Perfect App


This app has very accurate Iv ranges, evolution cps, etc I don't mind but it doesn't show exact stats just the range of possible Ivs.




Best in the class


Easy to use and accurate estimate



The video ads play automatically and take up the whole screen. Very annoying. I deleted the app coz it's not worth my time. Other than that a useful app.



I love the simplicity of the app, and appreciate the ability to get a more accurate score with the advanced analysis page! Very good idea!

Pretty accurate!


Has been on par prior to evolving or powering-up any Pokemon.



It really gets into the science of Pokemon. It's been accurate so far and has really neat features!

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