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CP & IV Calculator for Pokemon GO - ivs rate calc is free iOS app published by Qinshan Lin



It says it calculates IV, it does not do that what so ever. It is only useful to find out what possible CP you could end up with.

Great app


It actually works lol I sound like a guy who is getting paid to wright this?

Works good





When I asked what CP my Drowzie's evolution would be. It said a 807CP Onix. Now me and Onix can take over the city. Thanks



Does what it's supposed to do. I can find out the IVs of my Pokemon on the fly and see what it's CP would be when evolved. The only problem I'm having is when I star a Pokemon but close the app, the list of started Pokemon disappear. But overall a good app.

Good app



Great tool but a lot of ads


This is a great app and does what it says. The projected cp values are pretty dead on. My only gripe was the amount of ads. It shows that there are in-app purchases but didn't see if there was an option to remove them. I would gladly pay $1-2 to remove them.

Good but


This app is free and accurate from my experience. However, it only gives IV ranges, and not specific possibilities of values. These would be appreciated

Honestly pretty good

C Squar3d

Out of the 3 different apps like this that I've tried, I by far like this one the most. It's probably the easiest to use and for the most part pretty accurate. I'd recommend this.

Wonderful and easy to use


Works great

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