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Have you ever been afraid that your professional messages have a grammar mistake and will look really unprofessional because of a typo or because you are not native English?
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If you do, here is a solution for you! With this app, you can easily check the text, that you want to send or publish.
It's also a good way to practice and learn written English.

**Contextual grammar and spelling check**
Our software analyzes the text carefully to find every small mistake you made. Try typing "This was the best day of my live" which contains only correctly spelled words, but our algorithm finds the mistake typing live instead of live based on grammar rules and statistical data.

Download CorrectMe and supercharge your writing skills!

CorrectMe's features:
- Grammar check - detect contextual grammar mistakes
- Spell check - detect spelling mistakes
- Smart Reccommendations - shows recommendations to fix the problems
- Grammatical Explanation - gives you a short explanation, what mistake you made
- Share your texts - one tap sharing your texts with other apps


Doesn’t work
#1 Apple Fan81

I upgraded to the Pro and still not working!

Thanks GOD Amen 🙏

I have been using this app every day. It is very useful. I have been learning a lot of things. Thanks. Best wishes. Sincerely. Joseph 😊

Do not buy


Does What It Says

Works well for spelling. Punctuation correction added would make this a great app!

It doesn't correct

Waste of time.

Not working but Good try.
Be Honest.

I've tried this app out but the grammar check is too slow or it isn't working at all, it needs to be more faster and smoother to be honest.

Thao shosiab

No good

AmericanGirl TV

Just horrible

500 character count is ridiculous

Almost all texts that would be grammar checked are more than 500 characters. This is completely ridiculous and it doesn't even offer a preview of the pro version. Without that and based on what I'm seeing with this app, it's not worth upgrading. The only reason it's not one star is because it does exactly what it advertised, but in insanely small portions.

Yea it's good

Just awful pro or not¡