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The arcade golf game you've been waiting for! Pick a course to play, line up your shot, pull back and shoot for the hole!
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Games Free Cobra Mobile Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

The closer you get to a hole-in-one, the more points you score! Score big to earn coins and challenge friends.

With awesome courses to play and a host of characters to unlock there's always something to play for.

Amazing score? Challenge and play against your friends inside Messages for even more fun!

• Arcade Master, what can you score in 45 seconds?
• 3 Ball Challenge, what can you score with just 3 balls?
• Target Pro, how good is your game?
• Score big, win coins!
• Use coins to unlock courses and characters!
• Play over 6 awesome and challenging courses!
• Unlock abilities, golf balls and costumes!

Cobi Golf Shots, golf made fun!

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So good



It’s not working some of the times.?

Don’t touch this game

I can’t even get off the menu


I love these types of golf games..I love physics. There is at least one fundamental flaw in this one that keeps me away and it’s a bummer because I like the game ok. I’m not sure how to explain it but the mechanics make it impossible to shoot against heavy wind. I’m not sure if they expect you to power up the player in order to get those shots to the hole but that takes forever. I’m not a player who thinks they’re better than they actually are and because it’s tough I’m blaming the, I’m good at this game but usually quit in frustration when the wind meter goes up. Worse off, I paid for the game!

I wanted a golf game

This is an arcade game with a golf theme. Can’t figure out how to remove ads. No point to this game. What about nine holes? You’ve got a great gameplay base, just make it a golf game!

Not what I was expecting.

I was a expecting a game like golf shot. Cartoonish golf game. Not just this game that got boring asap. It just a game you swing to make it to the hole. Lame!

I don’t know, it’s just alright.

It’s a fun looking game, kudos to the all the Artists! The user interface is well done, kudos to the UI Designers? The animations are smooth and engaging, kudos to the Devs! Great music and sound effects, nice job Sound Designers! Unfortunately, the user experience (i.e. everything from menus to controls to actions to overall games story, etc.) falls short, sorry UX Designers. Also, where the heck are the game credits?

Love it sooo much

This game is amazing with not only the fact that you can move the golf ball in any direction when hit, the graphics are great its kinda hd on the iphone 8 and X but other than that great job i highly recommend this game for people/gamers who love golf as much as i do please keep this game updated.


I pre ordered the game and was excited about it. I like good golf games. And as petty as it may sound, there are no girl characters to choose from. Do only men play golf? Just saying.....will play today and give a review on game itself. Just started off.......

I Hate Bowmasters!

This is by a million man March the worst and I mean the worst golf game I have ever played. You can’t steer. When you try and steer it send you ball either off the cliff or into a ravine. If you ball is on course for the Target the wind will blow it so that your ball barely misses the hole, EVERY SINGLE TIME! This game has so many glitches it’s honestly baffling. Do Not Get This Game! I Repeat Do NOT Get This Game!