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Let's play darts. Game On!
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Games Free Cobra Mobile Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Have great fun and play with all your friends as you perfect your aim and try to win.

With awesome multiplayer modes and amazing single player modes, Cobi Darts lets you play with all your friends, or just throw some darts for fun to sharpen up your game.

• Classic 501 and 301 games
• 3 Dart Master
• Fun Fives
• 3 Dart Finish
• Round the clock
• Custom flights to choose!
• Custom characters to play!
• Are you a Dartboard Master?

Cobi Darts, from the creators of Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Rocket and the smash-hit iMessage games Cobi Arrows, Cobi Hoops and Cobi Shoot.

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The worst game I’ve ever played
Minecraft is the best8975757

This is a stupid game because it is laggy and I hate the rules.I thought it would be a fun game but it tells me I failed all the time no matter what I do so don’t download this game.I would rather eat 3 pounds of broccoli that’s how bad it is.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Cobi darts more like stupid darts!??????????

cobi darts
I like videos on youtube

best dart ever

Best dart game for iMessage
Whiskey Zebra

Love playing in iMessage, lots of fun.

To little darts

They don’t give you enough darts and you can’t win at all

Fun dart game

I’m deducting one start because no cricket. But a very fun dart game.

Good but...

This app is super fun and addicting! You should totally get it! But the only thing I’m not happy about is the aim. You can’t stop the aim thing. It keeps moving until you short. Other than that, the app Is amazing! Thank you so much to the developers

Monkey Lover❤️?

You really can’t move the aim thing it’s frustrating but over all it’s all right.?????????????


This game is trash. 3 dart rules: 101 points in 3 , ending with a double or a bullseye. No problem. Triple 20 (60), 1 and double 20(40) for a grand total of 101. After a couple tries and getting used to the aim mechanic, I do just what I planned. But it says I failed... Try again, do the same thing, failed. Broken game or rules that are not explained. Either way, it makes the experience incredibly unenjoyable.

Expected this game to be much better

I have been enjoying another game by this developer, called "Cobi Arrows", but this new game doesn't use the same shooting/throwing mechanism as Cobi Arrows, and the game suffers for this change. It also doesn't keep track of your best scores the same way that Cobi Arrows does. Unfortunately Cobi Darts doesn't come close to matching the fun factor of Cobi Arrows.

Delete now

What? Three darts that never gave a chance of hitting the bullseye? Yeah, right. That's a fun game. Not sure what the point is here.

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