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Take aim! Challenge, play and have great fun with all your friends.
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Games Free Cobra Mobile Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

How many points can you score in 30 seconds?

• Hold your nerve and shoot for the bullseye!
• Adjust your aim for distance and wind!
• Hit all the pop-up targets!
• Take the Watermelon challenge!
• Become a Dartboard Master!
• Score a bullseye to gain extra time!
• Game on!

Please leave a great Review if you like the game. Cobi Arrows, from the creators of Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Rocket and the #1 smash-hit iMessage game Cobi Hoops.

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VERY GOOD GAME AND A PRETTY FUN GAME Ffddddffffffccxxxxxxddff Ffff

Awesome app

Awesomely Fun target practice game.

ads :(

Bruh there’s only one mode and once you continue playing that mode, you’ll probably get really bored of it. If you want to play other modes you have to watch an ad to unlock it FOR 30 MINUTES.

Arrow physics!

The game is really simple, and there is no way to advance in levels. You just play for score. The thing I like are the wind and ballistic flight of the arrows. Most of the archery “simulators” don’t account for gravity. Adjusting for arrow drop is a HUGE part of archery. At least they included that in the game. It would be cool if this had a little more depth to the competition. For those saying you cannot see the crosshairs. You don’t have to put your finger on your impact point. You can put you finger anywhere on the screen to move the crosshairs. Bottom right works for me. Best score is 900 for me.

Ehhh it’s okay

The game requires in game purchases and the summary of it is misleading. It says that you play with your friends what it does not say is that it is just a challenge. I also find the game quite boring because you can not unlock new game modes. I would not recommend it to someone who is looking for a free game in which there are multiple levels. I was disappointed in what I got when I expected something completely different.

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When you play this game, you’re given 30 seconds. When you aim? Your finger controls it. How can you control it when you can barely see the cursor when it’s always never in one place?

I love this game

I really love this game it's cool great graphics thanks for making this game

Archery game done right

Not stressful, no wait between games. No goofy BS, just shooting arrows. Finally!

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