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ClearVideo helps you look your absolute best just like the stars, but without the expensive hardware!
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Photo & Video $1.99 Innovative Developers LTD iPhone, iPad, iPod

ClearVideo enhances your videos, smoothing skin to remove blemishes and wrinkles, while adding tone to your skin. With settings to gives you an untouched look to fool your friends, a skin tonal uplift, a studio look for a professional looking home video or even a movie lens filter-look ClearVideo has all your needs covered.

Photo touch-up apps like 'FaceTune' and of course 'PhotoShop' are all too common these days, but applying the same kind of effects to videos usually requires expensive software and even more expensive hardware - until now!

ClearVideo isn't just a beautification tool, it also includes filters you would usually find on desktop movie software - for example convert your videos to a sketch or a cartoon. Not only that, ClearVideo also enables you to make hundreds of adjustments like UV, shadows, highlights, vibrance, exposure and many more.

We've even integrated professional tools to do things like balance color, crop, rotate, blur and zoom!

Give ClearVideo a try today, you won't be sorry.

ClearVideo doesn't contain any In App Purchases and we'll never charge you for additions or extras - We're currently putting the final touches to our Skin Color adjuster which will allow you to add/remove tan and lighten/darken your skin, expect to see it in version 1.3!



This kind of app is the need of today. ClearVideo is giving so much to its users at a very low price. Great guys.

Waiting for pro features

All of these attractive features are not enough to satisfy me . Waiting for the 1.4 version and more pro features from you dev.

Downloaded it , followed it , loved it

I downloaded the app, after a friends recommendation. I started to make the first video and now I can't stop


The app functions are good! It needs to be simplified a bit, there is a lot we need to grasp to understand how it works completely.

For a well made video

I am quite sure that after using this app, you will not download any other video editor app. it covers all the essential features just enough to make your video greater than ever

One of the best

One of the best apps if you are working on improving your video tuning skills

So far like it a lot

Using it from more than 10 days. Faced some issues related to exporting a video and app crash. But now working well. Thanks support team so much

Amazing app!

Using an app such as this for the first time. I found it rather intriguing.

Great app, features too

Downloaded this app a week ago. Working seamlessly as of now. Great app so far

Good app at good price

Like these cool effects and sophisticated filters

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