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Welcome to the wold of Chaos Age Destruction. Here you can experience the authentic weapon clashes of middle ages, magnificent war scenes and build your own empire. Play through this thrilling storyline set in dark, mysterious kingdom and master the art of fighting to write your own legendary story.
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Game features:
-Build your own empire: build and upgrade buildings and fortifications.

-Multiple heroes and positions, you are free to hire and appoint as you wish.

-Don’t miss the various events we prepared for you in special festivals and holidays!

-Equip your heroes strategically, and embed gems on your equipment to enhance the power.

-Train different kinds of troops: Human, goblin, dwarf, monster, etc

-Rally allies to declare Legion war. Support resources to allies. Play with your friends in a real time experience and together to establish the strongest Legion.

-Strong communication system: chat with all players in the kingdom channel, or in Legion channel to discuss war strategy with allies.


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