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***** "Full of laughs, you never know what kind of kitten you will get"
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Games Free LIONBIRD LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

***** "This app is the best app, I have dedicated my life to this game. I thank you"
***** "I play this game on the bus, at night, and whenever I have to do a lot of waiting or boring work"

Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun.
Meow, a name I call the cat...

Evoluting little cat, can grow can meow can transform. It is the game which will totally ruin your impression of cats.

- A history that no books record. The Incident of Cats.

- Change your attitude towards cats.

- Free, absolutely free, really absolutely free

- Broaden your social network

- Thought-provoking, improve your degree of patience

- Fundamentally no bodhi-tree exists. Nor the frame of a mirror bright. Since all is voidness from the beginning, where can the d ust alight?


Gross never get it!

I was playing it and my cat changed and it will become ugly!And it kills the other cats!It says pouncing kitten needs to feast on other cats!


Simple but cool

Disturbed 0-0

This app has a cool concept, but it's disturbing how the cat EATS other cats!!!! "And on that run it eats some kittens EIEIO????????" Why???

Pretty good, but strange

The app is cute but the fact that the cat EATS the other cats is weird.


So creepy why does it kill the other cats DO NOT GEt IF YOu LIkE CAts DIEINg FRoM OThER ONeS

I'm weston
Gooooooooooodd hdhdhrgetgg

Fkn love this game


Not much to do, but still pretty amewsing. ;D

Its definitely long!

Hello! Ive had this game for a whole year now - still haven't beaten it. Im on the 1st to last evolution. 540 cats i need to eat. Let me tell you - this app is definitely a game you can just pick up and play for a split second between classes or something. You quickly eat all the cats on the screen and get off - nothing you really have to commit to. Once you do that repetitively, it starts to take longer and longer time. Yes, you will probably get bored of it, and delete it. But im striving to complete it once and for all. Sometimes i think im going to be the first one to beat it! (Probably not) but ill be writing again after i beat it for final thoughts. (If you can even write 2 reviews for one game) But bacially, the game is cute and hilarious. Here's my challenge to you - play it as long as possible and before you delete it, write here!

Gut crusherer

Fun. Eating cats is a day-to-day hobby of mine. Now that i have discovered this application, I may eat cats without having to intimidate the rescue center. (They think I'm crazy. So I have to sneak in at night to take my scrumptious prey)


plz just get this game. finished it in under a month. it is so beautiful and the evolutions are amazing :D