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Survive~ Eat~ Evolve~ Eat~ Evolve~ Survive~ Eat~ Rebirth~
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Games Free LIONBIRD LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

In the world of evolution, there is no ending, no limitation, no people!

In the world of evolution, they can eat, can evolve, and you can watch them evolve!

In the world of evolution, you can enjoy experiencing rasing the creatures that can evolve!

Over 40 mysterious creatures are waiting for you to discover, and feeding different food leads to totally different result!

Outpacing biological theories, breaking through physical time space, passing through hell and going down to the earth.

Little Evolution World! Free download now!


Fun, but...
Beast cardinals win !!!!!!

I like this game. It's cute and fun, but there's one creature after bald chick that I cannot unlock. I've tried about ten times with different versions of the recipe shown, and every time I end up with long tall bird instead of the mystery one that I followed the recipe to unlock. No matter what ratio I use, it always evolves to long tall bird. Please fix this.

It good
Goo Dragon

I like pizza


Great way to pass time by.


Add more food


I like this game but they are trying to force you to buy stars with real money or else you have to restart all over and that is retarded so this is a game were you have to pay a lot With real money with out restarting.

Please read!
Cat girl ld

Look this is a super cute and awesome game but the type of food (Gold) looks like poop. Make it look like a Gold bar so theres no confusion. PS. Please update soon so there are more Adorable creatures. PPS. Love this game! PPPS. Please add many more mini game's and remove needing energy to play the games and make it were you can pet the creatures. One more thing. You make it where theres a day time and a night time.

Little sister likes it very much

Oh hi it’s me, the big brother, jacques my little sister like it very much it is cute, fun and mostly entertaining!

Cloudz Gravity


I love it

I love this game a lot and it’s also cute alot

Fun, but
Ⓠⓤⓔⓔⓝ ⓞⓕ ⓒⓡⓔⓐⓣⓘⓥⓘⓣⓨ

It’s a fun game but it’s hard to get different evolutions